O4-Report of the impact of EULALIA Platform for Erasmus Plus Students

The overall duration of O4 is 9 months: from M22 to M30.

The O4 will be led by EUF because its university profile network which could exploit the results of the projects. In addition, their deep knowledge of studies in university contexts makes them an obvious choice. All other partners will contribute to this Intellectual Output, including SM.

The Output 4 will be in form of a report that will summarize the trials executions, the application and the impact of the EULALIA technologies and methodologies.

The objective of O4 is to test, evaluate and validate the EULALIA APP and to support training of the Erasmus students in the language learning. O4 will focus on the methodological and the technological aspects of testing in operational and real contexts of the EULALIA platform.
The aims of the O4 are:
• to analyse the concept of the project with Erasmus students, using a user centred methodology, analysing the effects on learning and acceptability;
• to use the EULALIA APP in real university course contexts, evaluating its impact;
• to deliver policy recommendations for future exploitation.