E1-Italian EULALIA workshop for teachers

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The event will take place in Naples during O3 lifespan (OERs development), specifically, it will be after the Partnership delivers the first version of the (O2/A2) OER Authoring Tool (M12).

The event will be in parallel in all the countries where a HEIs are involved, hence Spain, Malta and Poland.
The event will teach lecturers and professors how to use of OER Authoring tool and the APP, in order to gain competence will be transferred to the Erasmus Students during the National Workshop for Erasmus Students (E6 -E7 – E8 – E9) and during the courses.
In order to reduce costs and achieve the best results in the dissemination of the event, it will bring together the lecturers of the Partner Organization (UNINA), that are not eligible to be funded by the Agency, and at the same time professors and lecturers from other Universities in order to widen the impact of the project.
We foresee of the previous category 20 teachers (researchers, lecturers, professors, etc.) will be involved from other organizations. This represents a minimum target.

The aim will be to involve other HEIs and active lecturers, professors, researchers, teachers and PhD students.
Local participants will be selected and recruited in order to:

  • Expand the number of HEIs that will apply or will have the ability to apply the EULALIA APP and model;
  • Disseminate the project outside the project participants perimeter, giving all the instruments for the proper adoption of EULALIA APP in their University or in their language Course for teaching to Erasmus Students how to use the Authoring Tool and create their own scenario/game;
  • Multiply the cities and region involved as the theme of the APP for enhancing the attractivity of the EULALIA APP with information about very popular venue, as Rome, Milan, etc.;
  • Evaluate the APP and the OER Authoring tool in order to propose new modification using a co- design approach;
  • Trigger the creation of a Community of Practice in this field;
  • Discuss the results achieved from IO1.

The workshop, which has an estimated duration of 2 days, will dedicate the first day to the methodological aspects, and the second day with practical and laboratories activities for initial OER development. It will be divided into the following steps:

  • EULALIA project presentation;
  • EULALIA model (IO1) and integration in language course routine;
  • Introduction to the Tangible User Interfaces paradigm;
  • Introduction and description of the EULALIA APP and their OER Authoring Tools;
  • Design of the project OER in the form of game/exercise for language learning/teaching;
  • Demonstration of a typical game developed with EULALIA APP, with the digital interface and with the tangible interface (one example for each template of OER);
  • Implementation of the OERs, also with tangible material

The part related to the technical features related to the APP will be carried out by the human resources of Smarted. Because of the contemporaneity of the Workshops in all the countries, they will broadcast in English from one of the venues (i.e. Italy) in the form of a webinar for all the other venues. This will allow to interact with the participants.
For organizational reasons, the events will be not be held on the same day; they will be replicated with the presence of Smarted technical staff.