The EULALIA Project (Enhancing University Language courses with an App powered by game-based Learning and tangible user Interfaces Activities) aims to improve/integrate the learning methodologies of the university language centres of 4 countries (Italy, Malta, Poland and Spain) for Erasmus students through the development of innovative and inclusive learning tools based on the paradigm of Mobile Learning and Game-Based Learning methodology and the application of Tangible User Interfaces (TUIs).

The EULALIA Project has also the aim to include an approach that supports the learning/teaching processes with tangible interfaces for all student, including those with sensorial or multisensorial disabilities. This is possible by utilizing the Tangible User Interfaces (TUIs) paradigm, i.e. the setting that enables the learner to interact with cards, maps, blocks, everyday life- objects, etc.

The hybrid approach embraces both the virtual and real dimensions, closely connecting them, and thus allowing an interaction between the user and the digital interface, through the mediation of the tangible objects, thereby engaging all senses, including touch, smell and taste. Erasmus students will use a simple OER authoring tool, in order to develop simple games based both in virtual environments and in tangible contexts (TUIs based). They will learn the basic knowledge of the programming process and will improve their awareness of new emerging technologies.