Workshop Challenges of Language University Centres in the digital university

“Challenges of Language University Centres in the digital university. Didactic innovation and internationalisation of the university system”: this was the workshop held the 27th and 28th November 2019 in the University of Naples (Sala Convegni del Palazzo degli Uffici, in via Giulio Cesare Cortese 29, Napoli).

The event was a important stage for a discussion about the methods and their efficacy in order to improve the language learning using the innovation and the new ICT tools, by an internationalisation of the learning paths and the promotion of a intercultural learning able to connect to labour market.

In this context, the project EULALIA was an excellent trigger for an open discussion, due to its vision and the first implementation stages. During the first day Pasquale Sabbatino (Head of CLA in UNINA), Vincenzo Caputo (Project Manager and Researcher UNINA) and Raffaele Di Fuccio (Project Manager Smarted srl – in video conference) disseminated the aims and the first results of the EULALIA project.

Workshop agenda:

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